Crowlands Primary School Governing Body



R Reynolds
SEN, Learning & Achievement Committee, Leadership & Management (Finance & Premises), HT Performance Management, HT & DH appointments, Complaints, Pay and Personnel
Mrs J Lamb
Mrs H McClenaghan
Mr K King
Mr G Walker
Mr J Pojunas
Mr L James
Miss S Maclean
Mrs P Wilkinson
Mr H Gould
Mrs S Husein
Mrs L Lowe
Miss L Merry
Mrs J Woods
Mrs B Musham
Mrs L Mills
Mrs L Bell
Mr A Isaac

I came to Newtons School as a child when it was first opened and subsequently sent my son there when he was old enough.

I have, and still do, look after children who have lived with me for many years, alongside being a full time police officer for 23 years.

On retirement I became a JP for the last 12 years dealing with both Adults and Youth.